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I am a Baton Rouge, LA native and a REALTOR® who loves to create, bake, and travel. Before becoming a REALTOR®, I worked in the insurance industry as an accountant. I truly enjoy meeting the needs of my clients and helping make their dream of homeownership a reality! I also owned a home based bakery for about 4 years. In 2017, I took a step back from baking due to burn out & to decide what I wanted. Once I became a REALTOR®, I no longer baked for profit, but I would bake my clients cakes as a closing gift. I told myself that I would not be taken seriously as a REALTOR® if I didn't stick to real estate only. So I stopped everything - baking & anything else I was interested in pursuing. 

A conversation with my client, a colleague, and especially my husband helped to change my perspective on my career, my life, and how I wanted to manage it. All three of them shared the same sentiment - live for YOU... not what you perceive others will think of you. My husband reminded me of my gifts and talents. He encouraged me to do what I want to do, on my terms. So here I am... living out loud, living for myself, and doing all the things that fills my cup. I truly believe in bringing a spirit of excellence to everything that I touch. I pour my heart into all that I do. I hope that I can use my gifts & my heart to be of service to you in one form or another!

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